The Whitinsville Golf Club is currently accepting new membership applications for the 2023 golf season. New memberships in the Family, Singles, Social and our newest Donald J Ross National Membership are available.

At Whitinsville Golf Club, we strive to provide our members with the opportunity to enjoy a time-condensed golfing experience. So whether your day allows for a leisurely 9 or 18 holes, we believe that Whitinsville offers golf on your schedule, not ours.

For more information, click HERE to email us or call for more information at 508-234-6210 extension 4 and speak with Kim.

**To add your name to our waiting list, a non-refundable $250 is required** and can be sent directly to the Club attention General Manager.

Married Couples-Includes

  • 1 Full member
  • 1 unrestricted spouse
  • plus 2 children under 17
  • Must be spouse/partner of a current Full member. No restrictions

Must be spouse of Full member. No Weekends/holidays before 1pm

Full membership/No restrictions

  • Adults under 40 years old – 30-39
  • No playing restrictions.
  • Adults under 30 years old – 24-29
  • No playing restrictions
  • Parent needs to have a least a social membership.
  • Play with an adult Member Weekends after 3pm
  • Allowed 36 Holes per month.
  • No time restrictions
  • Must pay Applicable “Green Fees”
  • No playing restrictions.


WGC Membership
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Due to overwhelming demand Whitinsville Golf Course currently has a waiting list for membership. To add your name to our waiting list, a non-refundable $250 is required**

Yes, please add me to your current waiting list and I will mail a non-refundable $250 payment to WGC.