The Whitinsville Golf Club Update on COVID-19

GC Opening Golf Specific Guidelines

“The GREAT WAIT” for golf in Massachusetts is OVER yet we want WGC members to be aware of the guidelines published by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the specific Whitinsville Golf Club response to those rules.

First, we would like to thank all of our members of Whitinsville Golf Club who have remained patient during these difficult times. The Board of Governors wishes to acknowledge each and every member who have supported the Club. Everything the Board has done has been to keep the Club fiscally responsible (thank you to Paul Crandall, Courtney Milioto and especially Lenny Smith!), keeping the course in immaculate shape (thank you to Shaun Mitchell and Hunter Mott!), members engaged (thank you Mark Aldrich and Frank Ianetta!), provide full transparency to members, and to be ready once we were allowed to use our facilities. Although we are now open please be aware of the general guidelines and Club specific guidelines:

1. Massachusetts golfing guidelines via the MA Golf Association

WGC golf specific guidelines:

  • Members and their guests must make tee times with the WGC pro shop before arriving to the Club. Arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before your tee time. Initially, members will not be allowed club storage in the barn.
  • Members who have lockers at the Club are asked to remove their personal items as we are technically not allowed use of this space. Enter and exit through the locker room and not through the club house.
  • No use of the practice range at this time.

Golfers arriving at the course will need to check in with Mark Aldrich or a member of his staff for instructions specifics on play. If there are ANY questions or requests prior to arriving at the Club our staff will be more than happy to assist.

The Board has reached out to the Northbridge Board of Health regarding other items not specifically addressed by the guidelines (use of carts, access to our pro shop, bathrooms, etc.). We will post the results of these requests as soon as possible.

The Board has always maintained that golf can be a recreational activity that can be enjoyed in a safe, responsible manner. We look forward to seeing you at the Club!

It was great to see so many WGC members back at the club these past few days and hope everyone who played enjoyed the course and the fresh air.

WGC's New Environment

Our new environment that we are all adapting to is difficult at times but we hope everyone understands why the guidelines are in place, the Whitinsville Golf Club is like any other business when it comes to the CDC recommendations..

Going forward with golf and tee-times we obviously have a more unique situation than an 18 hole course. Staying in accordance with the guidelines we have tee-times set for every 15 minutes which means we can only accommodate 8 foursomes per instead of the normal 16 before the turn begins..

We have set up 3 stages of times: Morning-Afternoon-Late Afternoon, with each stage having 8 sets of tee times. We are asking that as a member making a tee-time he or she must give the pro-shop the names of the members playing and we also ask that because of the limited space the member is only booking for his or her particular tee time and not reserving a series of times. In addition we ask that if someone in the group cannot play they call the pro-shop to cancel so that we may fill the spot..

Starting the weekend of May 23rd the lottery system for the weekend times will begin. Keep in mind the 3 stages of times..

We are in very different circumstances and we need to be able to accommodate as best we can the playing needs of all the members. We thank you for your understanding and continued patience.