Kim Martin

Kim Martin

General Manager

General Manager Kimberly Jo Martin has over 30 years of experience in the Recreational, Dining and Entertainment venues. In the area of Golf and Leisure, she brings her experience and leadership from places such as Pleasant Valley Country Club and Blissful Meadows Golf Club.

She has a vast background in both small and large venues as both a Manager and General Manager from places such as Mohegan Sun and Indian Ranch where she excelled in the areas of entertainment, hospitality, and customer service.

Kimberly is known for being one of the few individuals with a Forbes 5 Star Hospitality Training. She is also one of the few Certified Instructors in Alcohol Awareness  (known as TIPS) in 45 States, and holds various other certifications related to Entertainment, Food and Beverage as well as General Hospitality.

Kimberly is an extremely effective and supportive leader who ensures quality customer service, professionalism and compassion are the trademarks to her success.