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Simply On The Green, WGC and the Invitational

By WGC21  /  August 19, 2021
Simply On The Green and WGC had itself a weekend at the Invitational! We are so proud of the Simply…

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2021 WGC Club Champions

By WGC21  /  July 22, 2021
Congratulations to the following Whitinsville Golf Club 2021 Champions…

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Simply Delicious Catering is new to WGC

By WGC21  /  April 11, 2021
Simply Delicious Catering is new to Whitinsville scene but not new to the culinary world.Owned and operated by John Mauro…

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Nine is the New Eighteen: 9-Hole Courses for Your Golf Bucket List

By WGC21  /  April 5, 2021
Whether you head out with friends, family or the rare solitary nine, here are a few courses where you can…

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We would like to thank you our members in advance for supporting our food and bar services…. Have a great 2021 golf season!

WGC Board of Governors

Take a Look at the All New Refreshed Clubhouse!

    We are pleased to announce “AT THE TURN” food service. Effective immediately you now have the ability to order a burger, hot dogs or cold cut sandwich served with a bag of chips which will be ready for you at the turn. Simply dial 508-234-6210 and press extension #6 to place your order.Your box lunch will be available for pick-up at the deck. Please call ahead when you reach the 7th hole tee box. In our best effort to keep play moving all orders will be charged to your member account which will include a gratuity. We hope you enjoy this new service!

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he Whitinsville Golf Club Golf Committee has prepared this Handicap Policy to attempt to assure that Club-sponsored golf events are well-attended and fairly contested by members and their guests. Its objective is to provide a framework for establishing and maintaining accurate member handicaps so that all participants in Club-sponsored events can confidently compete on an equal basis, regardless of inherent differences in skill-level.

This Handicap Policy has been developed in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in the USGA Handicap System manual. It has been approved by the Whitinsville Golf Club Board of Governorsand has been implemented for the benefit of the entire membership. This policy will be maintained, revised and administered by the Handicap Committee.

General Principles

Members must earn a USGA Handicap Index. No member has an inherent right to a USGA Handicap Index without demonstrating evidence of fully complying with the policies and procedures expressed herein.

In order to support the Club’s objective of assigning each member a Handicap Index that properly reflects his or her potential ability, members desiring a Handicap Index must have consistently demonstrated that they have:

  • Attempted to make the best possible score on each hole of every round of golf that they have played.
  • Promptly and accurately posted the total score achieved on each round for peer review, regardless of where it was played.

Whitinsville Golf Club will utilize the procedures expressed in the USGA Handicap System manual to compute a player’s Handicap Index. The Handicap Committee will ask the professional staff to calculate each player’s Handicap Index for the handicap periods determined by the Massachusetts Golf Association and require that players utilize that number to determine their Course Handicap.

What Constitutes a Round of Golf?

Members who begin a round of golf with the intention of playing in accordance with the principles of the Rules of Golf must post a score upon completion of the round. A legitimate exception from posting could result if a member played a practice session or took a playing lesson in which multiple shots might have been attempted or if he or she played the holes out of sequence without the direction of a tournament official.

A player who initiates a round of golf can have a postable score even if all 18 holes are not completed. Players who complete a partial round must assign scores for unplayed holes in accordance with the procedures expressed in the USGA Handicap System manual. Members who are unsure of the procedure for assigning scores for unplayed holes, possibly after the completion of a match play competition, may seek assistance from a member of the Professional Staff.

Adjusting Scores for Posting and Uncompleted Holes

For handicapping purposes, all posted scores are subject to the application of Equitable Stroke Control, which reduces high score holes to a maximum allowable score and more properly estimates a player’s potential ability. Equitable Stroke Control must be applied when a player’s actual or likely score on a hole exceeds the maximum number allowed for someone of that player’s Course Handicap.

If a player does not complete a hole for reasons including, but not limited to, a match play concession or a partner having achieved a lower score, that player must enter the score that he or she would have been likely to have made, subject to the maximum allowed under Equitable Stroke Control. A player may not assume that an uncompleted hole would automatically default to the maximum allowable score and may have an unlimited number of unfinished holes in a round, provided that failing to finish a hole was not done for the purpose of manipulating a handicap. If unsure of how to account for an uncompleted hole, a player may seek advice from a member of the Professional Staff or Handicap Committee, who will assist in properly completing the scorecard.

Posting Scores

When posting Whitinsville Golf Club scores, the scorecard must be left, in the place provided near the computer. This helps in reviewing scores and determining golf hole ratings. Alternatively, members can submit a scorecard or adjusted scores to a member of the golf staff in person or by e-mailing them to Mark Aldrich at and request that the scores are posted.

Rounds played in certain Club events designated by the Golf Committee, will be posted as Tournament Scores. Members participating in tournaments at other venues should also designate those scores as Tournament Scores.

The Handicap Committee prefers that scores be posted immediately upon the conclusion of play. In any event, scores for completed rounds must be posted within three (3) days of the day of play, provided that they are entered in the same handicap period in which the round was played. Scores must be referenced to the day that the round was actually played, in order to preserve the sequence in which the scores were achieved.


Members must inform the Handicap Committee of all clubs at which they post scores in order to allow it arrange to share scores through the Internet and to assure that a member’s Handicap Index is calculated from a unified and complete data series. In the event that a player is found to have multiple Handicap Indices, the lowest one will be assigned.

It is the responsibility of each member who wishes to participate in Club-sponsored events to periodically review his or her scores for accuracy and completeness. At the beginning of each handicap period, in the absence of contrary notification by a member about his or her own scores, the Handicap Committee will presume that each member has implicitly attested to the accuracy and completeness of his or her score record and has authorized the Handicap Committee to utilize it to calculate a new Handicap Index.

Review and Verification

Peer review of posted scores is an integral part of the USGA’s handicap system. Members are encouraged to review their own scores and those of fellow members on or at the computer in the Clubhouse, and when doing so, consider them with respect to posted rounds that a player might have play on away courses.

Members are invited and encouraged to elevate concerns or questions with respect to scores and handicaps to the Handicap Committee. Members who contact the Handicap Committee can be assured their comments will be handled discretely, confidentially and, when possible, anonymously.

In order to verify that players are posting their scores, the Professional Staff will cross- reference data indicated on the “Tee Sheet,” which indicates who has played the course on each day, with new score postings in the data base and scorecards left at the computer. If it observes that a member has not posted a score on the fourth day following a round, the Staff will attempt contact the player by e-mail or telephone to inquire about that score’s availability.

At the end of each week, the designated member of the Professional Staff will send a summary of players with past due un-posted scores to the Handicap Committee. It will be solely the responsibility of the Handicap Committee to attempt to resolve issues with respect to un-posted or improperly posted scores with a member.

The Handicap Committee – Administration and Enforcement

Reporting to the Golf Committee, the Handicap Committee will oversee all aspects of the administration and enforcement of the Handicap Policy, including computing the Handicap Index, resolving differences and communicating with the membership. The Head Golf Professional will serve as a non-voting special advisor to the Handicap Committee and will designate a Staff Member to serve as Handicap Administrator to manage the data collection and computation processes on behalf of the Handicap Committee.

Handicap Index Review and Adjustment

In addition to establishing and maintaining members’ handicaps in accordance with the policies and procedures in the USGA Handicap System manual, the Handicap Committee will have the responsibility and authority to develop the criteria to trigger the review of any member’s handicap index. This investigation trigger will take the form of a percentage winning average much higher than what would be considered usual or normal. All Major and Minor club events will be considered. Once triggered, the committee will investigate past scorecards, posting of away, Internet and home scores, playing partners, temporary disability or any information that sheds light on the high winning average. If the committee finds the need for a handicap index adjustment, the member will be notified in writing. The member will be given time to appeal before the adjustment becomes effective. If the member does not respond, the adjustment will become effective on the date notified. The adjustment will be reviewed monthly.

In a handicap index review, the Handicap Committee may:

  • Inquire about adjust or revise a member’s score data, particularly for rounds in which a match was completed before the 18th hole and play was continued.
  • Post penalty scores for members who do not post actual scores in accordance with Handicap Policy or remove penalty scores after an actual score was submitted.
  • Adjust or revise a member’s Handicap Index if it appears to have been calculated on incorrect or incomplete data or otherwise misrepresents a member’s potential playing ability.
  • Assign tournament status to scores when appropriate.
  • Withdraw a member’s Handicap Index, if necessary.
  • Recommend to the Executive Committee that it deny a member the right to participate in Club events in the case when that member has been determined to have egregiously abused the Handicap Policy or the Rules of Golf.

Principal Source Document and Dispute Resolution

The current version of the USGA Handicap System manual and related decisions will serve as the informational source with respect to setting, interpreting and enforcing Handicap Policy.

Should a member be unable to resolve a dispute with the Handicap Committee, one of the parties may request the Whitinsville Golf Club Golf Committee to hear the matter. If agreement is still no reached, the aggrieved party may ask the Executive Committee to arbitrate and render a final decision.

Utilizing Handicaps in Events

Prior to beginning play in any Club-sponsored event, each member must confirm that the handicap assigned by that event’s committee is accurate and was calculated from data that complies with the terms set forth in this Handicap Policy. Knowingly utilizing an inaccurate handicap in a Club-sponsored event can result in disqualification.

Recommendations for adjusting the handicap allowance for a specific event in order to account for different forms of competition and produce equitable conditions may be made by that event’s committee and are subject to the Golf Committee’s final approval.

Members will be required to provide a current USGA Handicap Index for all guests prior to their competing in any Club-sponsored event. In the event that a member or guest has more than one handicap index, all should be submitted and the lowest index will be utilized.




General Rules Pertaining to the Club

Club House

The club house is open year round. Access is by security card only. Kitchen hours will be posted in the lounge. Bar hours will be posted in the lounge.

Hall Rentals

A member can rent the hall for various functions. There is a hall rental fee, and you must use the house caterer, if food is to be served. A letter must be submitted with your request to the Club Manager. The approval of your request will be made by the Board of Governors.


Members and guests are expected to park between the lines, and must comply with the “No Parking” areas posted.


Pets are not permitted in the clubhouse or unrestrained on the grounds, with the exception of dogs used for geese control.

Loss or Damage

Any damage to the club property caused by a member or the members’ guest shall be the responsibility of said member. The club is not responsible for articles which are lost or stolen on golf course property.


Any member wishing to make a complaint or suggestion should do so in writing to the Board of Governors.

Charges Available

Members in good standing may charge for food and beverages, club storage, lockers, green and cart fees, tournaments entry fees (except member guests) and pro shop merchandise. Visa & MasterCard available for pro shop merchandise only.


Must be made in writing in advance of receiving current dues bill and can only be accepted within thirty days of receiving previous dues: otherwise, the member is responsible for the current dues bill. No resignation can be accepted if a member is not in good standing financially with the Club.

Club Storage Available

Clubs are stored and cleaned every time they are used from April 1st through November 30th.


Lockers are available in the men’s and ladies locker rooms for an annual rental fee. Contact club manager if you would like a locker.

Club Activities

Check this booklet and the locker area board posting for the schedule of tournaments and activities.

Driving Range

Located to the right of the first fairway. Irons only allowed on the range. Tokens can be purchased in the pro shop when the pro shop is open.

Practice Putting Area

Located next to the first tee. Chipping is allowed, but no long high lobbed pitches are permitted into this green. Practicing on Course Prohibited!

Slow Play

Please make an effort to allow faster players to play through when there is an open hole in front of you. Appropriate pace of play for 18 holes is 4 hours.


It is recommended that the clubs be left in club storage. Clubs may be kept in your locker, if so, you must use the locker room door to exit to golf course. Clubs are not allowed up the stairs, on the porch, in the pro shop, or in any other area upstairs in club house.

When can you play golf?

All players must check in before teeing off!!

  • Course Opens Weekdays: 7:30 AM Weekends: 7:00 AM
  • Pro Shop and Driving Range Opens Weekdays: 7:00 AM Weekends: 6:30 AM
  • Restricted Membership: Monday through Friday all day except for leagues, outing and member guests. Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays after 12:00 PM with tee times from pro shop. After 3:00 PM without tee times or at the discretion of the pro shop, depending of flow of play. Eligible to play in weekday leagues and in weekend mixed scotch tournaments. Allowed to bring a particular guest twice in a given month, but only once in a weekend.
  • Senior Membership: Monday through Friday only, except for holidays, when tee times are required. Eligible to play in weekday leagues. Allowed to bring a particular guest twice in a given month on weekdays only.
  • Social Membership: Social Members will be allowed to play their monthly allotment of 36 holes in any configuration of 9-hold increments, but with no more than 18 holes on a weekend. Can bring guests on weekend after 3:00 PM or at the discretion of the pro shop. On Fridays must tee off between 9:00-11:00 AM.
  • Junior, Youth and Sub-Youth Memberships: Monday through Friday except for leagues, outing and member guests. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays after 3:00 PM, unless there is an overflow of regular member play or a mixed scotch event. Sub Youth Member’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Full Membership: Monday through Thursday all day. Please check the calendar in this book for member-guests, outings, high school matches or other events that might interfere with your playing. If you are thinking about bringing guests during the week, it is recommended to call the pro shop and make sure nothing is scheduled on that day. Fridays, weekends and holidays all day with tee times required unless otherwise posted. Eligible to play in weekday leagues and in all weekend tournaments. Allowed to bring a particular guest twice in a given month, but only once in a weekend.

Rules pertaining to general play

Etiquette Tee off between tee markers only. Replace all divots. Repair all ball marks on greens. Rake all sand bunkers. Practice only in designated practice areas (range, putting green). Fivesomes not allowed without permission from pro shop. Slower groups must allow faster groups to play through. Please pair up with other members in order to make threesomes or foursomes. Conduct Members and guests shall be expected to conduct themselves without offense to other persons. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. No outside liquor or beer on the premises. Starting Times Effective Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, from April through October. There will be Friday tee times implemented sometime in May. Please check the golf shop to see when they will begin. Guest Any individual guest can play golf only once a calendar month, regardless of which member sponsors said guest. On Fridays there must be a member in every group. Guests without a member in their group can only play on Monday through Thursday, and must tee off between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Sponsoring member must notify the pro shop at least a day in advance when bringing or sending guests. All guests must report to the pro shop on arrival to pay appropriate fees and register in the guest book. On weekends and holidays, a member may bring up to 3 guests after 11:00 AM. Prior to 11:00 AM, a member may bring one guest as part of a group, or two members may each sponsor a guest to form a foursome. Visitors Pass -Members may have up to 2 guests for a continuous period of 2 weeks, provided that said guests have an established residence of over 100 miles from the club. Said guest must pay the appropriate green fees. Please make sure all guests are aware of the dress code.

Rules pertaining to operation of golf carts

General Use Must be driven on paths wherever cart paths exist. Must stay on paths on par 3’s at all times, no exceptions. Must observe directions indicated by white arrows on course. Must be driven according to the posted area rules on the day, (posted in pro shop or 1st tee). No more that 2 people per cart. No more than 2 carts per threesome or foursome. No more than 1 cart per twosome. Must be 18 years old to operate motorized cart. Driving carts though fescue and over mounds is not allowed. From the 9th green, carts must proceed around the club house to the 10th tee. Handicap flags are available with a doctors’ note and approval from the Board of Governors. This flag will have separate rules pertaining to where cart may be driven (see golf shop for rules). Superintendent has the discretion to prohibit carts in inclement weather. Damage to Golf Cart Members and quests are expected to return the golf cart in the same condition in which they received it. Members and guests will be financially responsible for any damage done to the golf cart. If there is a problem with the cart you are renting, please notify the pro shop.

179 Fletcher St., Whitinsville, MA 01588